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Driving initiatives forward...

"Denise is a perfect fit for our firm.  She is the ‘just right’ person to manage our marketing strategy. In Denise I get an enthusiastic driven professional that clones portions of my skill set where needed and outshines me where needed too.  She is a healthy skeptic that challenges me and keeps me on my toes. Denise is driving initiatives forward that others in our company attempted and struggled to deliver on for years but they could not achieve. She jumps in seamlessly to the mix and has just the right combination of small business understanding and long-reaching vision for what is possible. I cannot say enough what a difficult bridge this is to build but she is a strong bridge builder that can make change while not completely upsetting the quality cultural we have built."
Donna M Shea,  Managing Director

Innovative Display & Design, Inc.www.innov8.com


Denise made the forum educational, entertaining and lively!

"Denise has moderated two panel discussions on Conscious Capitalism in which I participated. She did a terrific job introducing the subject matter, skillfully guiding the discussion among the panelists through insightful questions, and engaging the audience in the Q&A. Through her facilitation, Denise made the panel discussions interesting, informative, and lively for the audience. It is easy to see that she embraces the principles around conscious business practices through applying them daily. I would strongly recommend Denise as a facilitator for discussions on a range of other topics including self-motivation, responsible business practices, and community involvement to name a few topics. She will make the forum educational, entertaining and lively!  " 

Larry Bingaman, CEO 

 Regional Water Authority of New Haven Counties  





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