Fuel that motivation

A keynote speech is a perfect way to get an audience revved up and ready for action. I will customize my featured topics to best match the goals of your event. Typically my keynotes can last anywhere from 35 to 90 minutes. No matter the length, your group will be energized and entertained and leaving on revved up and inspired. 

Opening Keynotes!

Set the tone and energy of your event! Let's kick off your event and motivate your guests and/or participants feeling driven to get the most out of their time together.

Closing Keynotes!

The close is just as important as the open. Celebrate the focus and engagement throughout your meeting. I'm right there to help participants feel energized to take what they’ve learned and apply it to their professional and personal lives.

Opportunities for Change

Denise motivates you and your teams and ignites change!

#MovingVisionForward. #DrivingInnovation

Client testimonial

We invited Denise Di Grigoli, to come and speak at our annual sales meeting and deliver her message from the Daily Drive and her own personal life experience.
Denise has the ability to invigorate a crowd with her enthusiasm and share personal stories and give examples of real life applications of her teachings. Denise adapts well to all levels in and audience, and unlike many speakers, has real life practical experience to draw from. I think one of Denise's best qualities in a group is her ability to get people up and running and their blood flowing if they are stuck can need help getting unstuck.
I can strongly recommend Denise as a headline speaker to invigorate any work team, and help get them out of a rut. I am also glad to speak to any of Denise's prospects about our experience.

Randall D. Weis CEO, Chief Flooring Solutionist RD Weis Companies - The Flooring Solutionists 150 W. 30th St., New York, NY 10001