"With more than 25 years of B2B and B2C  marketing experience, I understand the agility needed to stay relevant.

Today,  I help my clients play successfully within a convergence of the two, the new human to human or better known as H2H marketing. Internal and external customers expect brand experiences, personalized, interactive and responsive. 

It’s a perfected approach towards audience engagement, story telling and connecting that is propelling brands forward. Without drive and agility, your best laid plans may not materialize.”

Purpose Driven Businesses and People are More Creative, Innovative, Fulfilled and Profitable

Sense of wit, and easy to work with, Denise is a  progressive consultant with serial experience in entrepreneurship and C-Suite leadership, marketing and sales. 

"You can expect me  to deliver cutting edge strategy with influence, style and exceptional implementation, each and every time we wok together. 

I help growing and high-growth businesses reach new levels of success; I help transform emerging  businesses into profitable, thriving enterprises; and work with your teams to update their approach to sales while we develop new consumer channels and re-define successful business relationships."

Senior Leadership, Emerging Businesses and Industry Leaders Rely on Denise

"The mixed media of today is playing a significant role in creating and shaping of public opinion, about everything including your firm, and your vision, your brand. "

We help you and your organization to stay ahead of the curve with the right strategy, implemented to increase brand influence and revenue, retain clients, attract and engage the right audience. 

behind the wheel

Berkshire, MA., born and raised, went to college in NYC.

Love to road cycle, do yoga, ski, see a good concert, travel and create art when I can. 

I value family first. I love learning or trying something new, time with good friends, quiet time in the morning for reflection.

Super power: if I had one, it  would be insightful fueled with hearty laughter and good coffee. 

Advice: Show up with the best version of your self, authentic, and the rest will always work out.