Helping You Stay Ahead of the Curve


It's an Experience Driven Economy.

Do you need a fresh approach to:

-  Retaining your best clients? 

- Building better business relationships? 

- Increasing your revenue?

 - Improving your negotiations? 

- Delivering better face-to-face and virtual presentations with impact?

 Driving remarkable results 

and helping your business reach its objectives is what we do best .

Clients come to us for our agility, innovation, 

and our customized strategies backed by our impeccable execution and proven results.


Meet Founder, Denise DiGrigoli

Denise has helped emerging businesses, start-ups and brands reach new levels of success by transforming them into profitable, client centric, culture apparent, thriving enterprises for over three decades.

With entrepreneurial experience in the luxury goods and service sectors,   combined with executive and strategic roles within the healthcare and events industry, Denise understands what influences, motivates buying behavior and how to build brand loyalty, authentically. 

Known for her keen insights, and exceptional execution,  Denise delivers on the outcomes that will take you, your brand and firm to the next level. 


Our Expertise: No Two Journeys are the Same

We're an inclusive, team of sales and marketing stragtiests with a growth mindset. We thrive on sharing our experience and expertise to drive remarkable results for your brand and business. 

We share proven track records consistently delivering spectacular service for all our clients.

Based out of Fairfield, CT, Denise leads a team serving multiple industries operating with talent and resources from across the United States.