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Purposefully Designed Outcomes

Ahead of the Curve


It's an Experience Driven Economy

Known as agile, experienced and insightful,

 we work with clients to shape their brand, culture and leadership 

with strategies that deliver on their vision.

 A results-driven partner, we create and help you implement customized plans and experiences, that differentiate and resonate in today’s 

ever changing business environment.  

If you, your creative, your marketing or sales teams need expertise in conceptualizing the best-fit strategy for your vision, 

you have come to the right place.


Meet Founder, Denise DiGrigoli

“I help growing and high-growth businesses reach new levels of success, by transforming emerging businesses into profitable, thriving enterprises. I work with your teams to update their approach to sales while we develop new consumer channels and re-define successful business relationships.

 We are the right mix of strategy, creativity and motivation powered by entrepreneurial thinking and agility."


Our Expertise: No Two Journeys are the Same

We're a group of creatives and strategists that thrive on sharing our experience and knowledge to drive the success of your business. We are based out of Fairfield, CT. A creative agency that operates with talent and resources from around the United States, experts with proven track records that come together for spectacular results. marketing strategy business consultant brand